What We Do

Fulcrum has created a Marketplace that offers distributor rate pricing to manufacturers in Australia.

How It Works



Fulcrum tenders for Buying Group members’ consolidated requirements, and sets up preferred suppliers on the Fulcrum Marketplace



Buying Group members register on theFulcrum Marketplace and order goods or services from the panel of Preferred Suppliers



Preferred Suppliers receive the order on the platform, confirm orders direct with members and deliver goods or services as normal



Buying Group members receive a 30 day credit account with all suppliers when they register on the platform. Payments are made through the Marketplace platform.

Getting Started

Register for the Fulcrum Marketplace

  • Registration takes 3 minutes. Once approved you can use start shopping with the Preferred Suppliers and start saving immediately

Join a Tender

  • We invite members to join their volumes with other Buying Group members' when we go to market to source new Preferred Suppliers for the Marketplace
  • An umbrella agreement will be signed and all members will benefit from the negotiated pricing
  • Other members may join in the future which can generate additional savings through volume incentives

Going Solo

  • Fulcrum will conduct a diagnostic and identify saving opportunities for your business, or you can tell us which categories you need to address
  • Fulcrum will run a tender based on your volumes and unique requirements
  • A unique contact will be tailored for your business

Meet The Team

Peter Cook

Co-founder and Director of Fulcrum Procurement

Ana Garnek

Co-founder of Fulcrum Procurement

David Benady

Director of Fulcrum Procurement